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Our listeners are real estate associates and the people who are out there to receive a dose of laughter. Our show is geared towards someone who has somewhat of an interest in real estate but wants to know more of what goes behind the scenes beyond the dry educational content that’ out there. The podcast thrives off the personalities of the hosts and their vivid tales of what actually goes down when dealing with a slew of characters from sellers to buyers and what can happen when trying to close a deal. The audience receives a dose of stories from industry experts with over 20+ years of experience in the field who have seen it all and are there to share their stories with the audience. Valerie Fitzgerald the main host is perfectly suited for this as she has seen it all and is dying to share her stories with a wider audience and let them into a world that the public isn’t usually privy to see as most shows that cover real estate are usually merely educational but we are offering an unseen insight into the high-end luxury market, that has always been an allure to the public but with a funny, yet personable twist. The way the show is structured is that Valerie and her Co-Host Bob Hurwitz are having a laid back dialog in most of the first episodes in which they share their stories, however, later down the line, the show is aiming to have a slew of guests ranging from fellow industry insiders as well as celebrities who’ll have the possibility of giving another refreshing take on the dealings in luxury real estate.

Bob Hurwitz

Bob Hurwitz has been a real estate broker and consultant for over 25 years. He is the Founder & CEO of Hurwitz James Company, specializing in the marketing and sale of multimillion dollar estates and luxury residential developments worldwide and is often called upon in print and television interviews for his expertise in worldwide luxury property buying trends.

Valerie Fitzgerald

Valerie is the founder and president of The Valerie Fitzgerald Group in Beverly Hills which is a part of Coldwell Banker Realty. She has been ranked among Coldwell Banker’s top 10 Agents Nationwide and earned the Los Angeles Business Journal’s award for the highest sales volume. Valerie starred for 3 years on HGTV’s SELLING LA and recently she was invited to give a TED Talk which reached over 1.4 million viewers.


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